VILEDA – SELECTED PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2023. – ULTRA FRESH (antibacterial program)

The annual selection - Chosen Product of the Year - was established in France in 1987 and is based on a consumer vote. The basis of this selection is a transparent survey by an independent research institute whose goal is to select consumer products/services - according to a certain methodology - and reward the winners for their marketing innovations. Today, the world's biggest award is based solely on the opinion and vote of customers.

We are proud that our Vileda Ultra Fresh antibacterial program, accepted and recognized by consumers, received this flattering recognition for the year 2023. As a brand known for innovation, Vileda launched the Ultra Fresh product line on the world market as the first completely antibacterial sponge in the world. The special formulation of the product itself and the coating used to prevent the formation and spread of bacteria, protects our consumers and their families from invisible enemies, which we recently witnessed and which stopped the whole world for a moment. We help keep your world spinning under the slogan: "It feels great to feel at home" - ULTRA FRESH antibacterial program.

Below, see the atmosphere from this year's election through pictures and video.

Product 2023.Serbia (Video)

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